Wednesday, May 30, 2012


To say that everyone in this world aspires for the same needs, expects the same from life and people around is trivializing each individual's aspirations. A person may want to travel the world, learn a dance form, a musical instrument, excel at work or try exotic cuisines the world has to offer. For every desire mentioned above, you will find a million more who wants to do the same, so what's new or what's different one might ask. Well, finding the company definitely makes the experience delightful, but the experience in itself is a manifestation of a deeper expression within. The expression of FREEDOM. In each of the above expressions is the desire to be free, to be one with the soul, to care less for what the world has to say, to experience what I might say for the want of a better word, "NIRVANA".

The list stated above by itself looks pretty simple and achievable, but we know that as life progresses and when more variables are added to it by the day, we often take a step back and ask "What if?". Freedom, as rightly said, unfortunately comes at a great cost and a free man is only seen as a liability. Possibly because we all, my apologies... majority of us, want to "fit-in", and because we have "fit-in" we want others to follow suit. But in this process all we are trying to seek is a license to be free and not to be free in itself, and hence the whole essence is nipped in the bud.

In this life that one can remember ( it is argued that we live many lives but since as mortals we do not recollect our previous incarnation and cannot predict the future one, we may as well talk about the one life that we can and will remember), it only seems fair that we quest for a soul that longs for the same and once it  finds you, it is no longer afraid to be one with it self, no longer afraid to be free.

Finding a soul mate is worth every shackle that one has to break, and if finding the soul mate is the second best thing to happen, finding your own SELF is the first :)!!

   " Love and affection will keep you warm,
     Laughter,smiles will make you happy to please,
     But to find you, these emotions do not bring ease,
     'Cause what you seek is the freedom to be.

     Friendship helps you face obstacles,
     With strength to break the strongest of shackles,
     But beyond just a shoulder to cry,
     What you seek is to break free and fly.

      When you see a feather or a kite,
      Not resisting the wind's might,
      You already know that, stronger than the blow,
      Is the one that has let itself go.

       Life can neither be a reason nor a rote,
      It has to be a song new in each note,
      So take the leap, walk the path that was hidden in your heart
      For to set yourself free, you don't need to follow, you only need to start!!!:)"

On the jukebox: Where angels fear to tread.....

...So long then.... :)

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