Thursday, October 21, 2010

Journey to fantasy world

It's three exams down and the marathon of my end terms has only begun. Two weeks from now I'll be flying home after good 7 months!!!. Now that my most dreaded exam is over.. I am back to my daydreaming. Well daydreaming in my case happens 90% of the day, so it can be safely said that I take breaks from it to do other things!
My fantasy world starts with a song that's been on mind for couple of days... to a long drive in my convertible along twists and sharp turns of a mountainous terrain with the ocean roaring on one side below while the golden red sun sinks into it, a stop at a roadside coffeehouse for cuppa while there is country music being played by local folk, drive along further back to my home, enjoy the rest of the evening lying on a hammock reading a book... This is just one episode of the fantasy journey. There is always so much to express, but more often than not it seems a little incomplete when I cannot put my emotions into picture... Chalo I am going back to my fantasy world.. Will be back soon...

On the jukebox "..I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door I’ve had you so many times but somehow I want more I don’t mind spending everyday out on your corner in the pouring rain ..."

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Human psychology is something which has been fascinating mankind since time immemorial. Like Einstein had said "Two things in this universe are infinite, Human stupidity and the size of the universe, I am not sure about the latter", or as Calvin says " There has not been enough research dedicated to find a cure for jerks" or to put it simply like Prantosh sir had said "People come to me and ask me whether I can measure human fickleness through correlation". Though all these seem in a lighter note, the truth is that it is extremely hard to understand why people behave the way they do, even if you dedicated a life to this research. But people who empathize with the emotions of those around them have certainly mastered what is of late called as emotional intelligence.

With the way the things are turning around me,I've been trying to figure out answers to certain questions myself, trying to understand an aspect of human behaviour and needs.What is it that really mattes in one's life? Success? Happiness? Love? Empathy? Company? The answer to this probably lies in the events that have taken place in my life recently.

Happiest person is the one who has the the people running to him to empathize when he is pouring his heart out. Happier man is not he who is independent and handles his problems by himself but one who can get people to pull him out on his worst day and throw a party for him so that he does not have to sit by himself to mull over them but get drowned in the laughter around. Successful man is not he who has reached the pinnacle first but he who has reached with a bunch of idiots like himself so that they can sky dive from there. If one understands this then, I think one knows what is the essence of one's life.

Success can never be measured by the number of grades you get, number of promotions you get or the number in your bank account but by the number of people who stand up for you during the need of the hour.

To put it in another way, as Chetan Bhagat had said there is really no point in getting placed on the day of your break up, no point in filling money in your bank account when you do not have the time to take your kid on a vacation. It is important to get there, to the goal, but not so important that you miss giving a lift to someone on the way, with whom you might just end up sharing a glass of champagne down the years. It is important to reach your destination but not before you have taken pictures of sceneries at the detours cause there are going to be many...

At least in this aspect of human psychology, more than one of us would concur with the statement that success, love, company, empathy, are our needs and they can all
be got only if we realize in which sequence to start..